It is commonly known that Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake in the Spring of 2015.  Just three months after the earthquake, Sapan Hamal of Public Access Nepal arrived in Belgrade, Serbia for the 10th IYMS and served as the first delegate from Nepal in the 10 year history of the organization.  While there, Sapan gathered donations from the international delegates to build temporary schoolhouses in Nepal, something he and his friends had devoted themselves to since the earthquake left thousands of children without schools. Sapan was motivated by his experience at the Summit to bring the event to his home country; this idea has quickly turned into reality as Public Access Nepal now serves as host and sponsor for the 2016 Summit. 


Nir Shah was the co-producer of the Oscar nominated film Himalaya – L’enfance d’un Chef, which was co-produced and directed by the French movie-maker Eric Valli.  The film, also released as Caravan (in Canada) and Himalaya (in Denmark and France), was the first film from Nepal to win such recognition from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Nir Shah is a movie director and producer, movie actor, poet, lyricist and businessman.  He has directed and produced several Nepali movies including Basuev, Pachchis Basanta, Basanti and Rajamati.  As actor, he has played roles in movies such as Prem Pinda and Balidan.  As a writer he has penned Nepali songs and screenplays. 

Shah was the first head and founder of Nepal Television (NTV) the first TV station in Nepal.  He is the chairman of Shangri-La (STV), a film production and TV distribution company, which produced television programs for NTV and provided the cable television network for the Kathmandu Valley.  In 2002, he was honored by the Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation in recognition of his contribution to the “promotion of Nepalese art and culture.” 


Public Access is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) working for equitable society through awareness creation and resource mobilization adopting participatory approach and proper management. The main objective of the organization is to contribute for the overall development of the Nepalese society by engaging in development communication, education, livelihood, environment conservation, climate change, conflict management, infrastructure development, human rights and issue based advocacy for marginalized and traditionally excluded groups such as women, children, poor, dalit, ethnic community and persons with disabilities. We implement the activities by utilizing wide variety of tools such as social mobilization, mass-media, public awareness and research. Besides, we also focus on promoting rights, equality and opportunities to empower community and to bring positive changes in their lives. The strength of the organization is the presence of motivated, committed and highly experienced human resources in communication, mass mobilization, management, education, human rights and development field. Moreover, we also have a strong linkage with various organizations operating from local to national level.

Learn more about the organization here.

“It is significant that the next decade of IYMS is kicking off here in Nepal. We feel that there is a huge disparity between media in developed and developing nations, and that through the gathering of delegates across the globe and the sharing of knowledge, this gap can be lessened to a greater extent.”
— Sapan Hamal


Sapan Hamal (23) is currently working for Nepal's most listened to youth radio show ''Saathi Sanga Manka Kura” (Chatting with my Best Friend) which has over 7.2 million listeners worldwide. Prior to this he was an exchange student at the University of Oklahoma where he completed an intensive course in New Media in Journalism, funded by the U.S. Department of State.  He has over 12 years of professional experience working in Nepali media, especially radio and online. Because of his leadership ability and passion towards media, he has been awarded many national and international trainings/fellowships such as Global Media Forum (Bali), Asia Pacific Training on Youth Media and Civic Participation, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, Global Youth Meets (India), South Asia Summit on Social Media for Digital Empowerment (India), International Youth Media Summit, (Serbia). He is also interested in filmmaking: his documentary ''Kathmandu'' was awarded in the best nonfiction category in Buds Film Fiesta, 2009. He has also taken advantage of UNICEF's OneMinutesJr. film production program. Hamal has completed his undergraduate degree in Media and Communications from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu.

Sapan Hamal inspired us all by his passion and commitment to the youth of his country. I am very grateful for this opportunity to not only experience the culture and beauty of Nepal but to do something positive for its people. By hosting the Summit in Nepal, we will do our part to counteract the doubts about safety in the country. Nepal is ready to welcome tourists again, and we are eager to support Nepal.
— Evelyn Seubert, IYMS President and Cofounder

Manoj Bohara

Manoj Bohara (21), is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies from Tribhuvan University majoring Literature,  Political Science and Journalism.

He has been enthusiast in the field of communication since the time he joined Smart Club back in the year 2011. Since then,  he has been involved in various youth and communication related programs.

Also, he is a member of youth organizations: We Inspire Nepal(WIN). He was a part of South Asian Youth Conference-2013, Global Citizen Course-2014, and Public Speaking Competitions.

Pratick Paudel

Pratick Paudel has been involved in the Media Sector since 8 years since he first participated in a School Representative Media Training in 2008. He started dabbling in the Media Arts through social media and then and therefore, was recruited as a candidate for the Study of The United States Institutes (SUSI), a state led program in 2013. Furthermore, he was selected to take part in research activities conducted jointly by Waseda University, Japan and the University of Sacred Hearts, Japan. An Artist by nature, he is experienced in Cross Cultural Interaction and is currently working on his Music.

Darshan Parajuli

Darshan Parajuli has been working for the Youth Sector for four years and is accustomed to Nepali Youth Culture. He is a Leader through his genes and a very efficient networker. He is currently involved in the production of a Series called “Life Talk:

He believes in making change in a society through the involvement of youth. He is a campaigner, innovator and youth activist of Nepal.





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