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Pratick (24) is a Dreamer from Nepal who believes that sound is a very powerful element. He has dabbled in sound so much so that he is now a Music Director in the Nepali Film Industry. He sings his heart out and likes to be a cohesive factor in Human Relations. He has been involved in the media sector professionally for 9 years now and has worked as a Writer, a Radio Jockey, A Television Program Presenter and is a Media Enthusiast, due to which he is usually selected in Media Programs abroad as a delegate. One of the most prominent training that he believes has aided him in his career is the 2013 Study of the United States Institutes (SUSI) program from Oklahoma University in the subject of New Media and Journalism. He has an avid interest in Meditation and follows a Mystery School in his Country named OshoDhara. He believes in going with the flow. He aims to make musical contributions in IYMS with whatever skills he has. He has been committed to IYMS since 2016 after he, alongside the Nepali Team, organized the 2016 Summit in Nepal.