Youth met in Falkenberg, Sweden to discuss global issues

International Youth Media Summit was held in Sweden for the first time. In the previous years, it has been held in cities such as Los Angeles, Sydney, Belgrade and Kathmandu. This year it took place at Katrinebergs folk high school in Vessigebro, outside Falkenberg. 

The lawn is filled with laughter and different languages. 70 young people from around the globe have gathered for the 12th International Youth Media Summit. It is an international film camp where young people, diplomats and filmmakers, come together and create films on seven world Issues. The Summit starts with a couple of days of getting to know each other, so on the lawn they are playing a Swedish game called ”kubb”. This year young people from 19 different countries are here. Some are from Nepal, Palestine, Afghanistan, Croatia. This year UNESCO supported four young delegates from Zambia, Lebanon, Senegal and Palestine.

IYMS in Falkenberg, Sweden

The theme for this year's Summit is ”Moving Together For A Creative Reality”. International Youth Media Summit is an organisation that wants to create a platform where young people's voices can be heard. And with the film as a tool, they create public service announcements on human rights issues. This year was the first year it was held in Sweden. It was started in 2006 in Los Angeles, USA by Ms Evelyn Seubert and James Gleason who are the founders of IYMS.

Beatrice Pourbagher Garcia has been to all twelve summits, since the beginning.

It is really important with this platform, where young people can come together and discuss their thoughts and ideas. And they can really do that here at the Summit, said Beatrice Pourbagher Garcia.

The process

During two weeks the delegates make one Public Service Announcement on the issue they have chosen before they arrive. The issues are Women's Rights, Poverty, Violence, Discrimination, Health, Environment and Youth Empowerment. Also, each delegate produces one Declaration, a personal reflection on your own experience of the issue in their home country.

The films are also from the delegates' experiences. Before they come up with the ideas and script, they get to meet people here in Sweden from different organizations. For example, we had Agnes Hellström, president of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society to talk about Swedish arms export, said Anna Eriksson, developer at Region Halland and organizer of this year's Summit in Falkenberg.

Creating a worldwide network

Last year the Summit was held in Kathmandu, Nepal and Sapan Hamal was the organizer.

Now I have a big international family who I can share stories about my country and I get to know theirs. It is all about sharing opinions and ideas on how to create a better world, said Sapan Hamal.

- Ellinor Svensson