Frida Brandt • SWEDEN

Born in 1994, Frida is the "class clown" who loves to learn, laugh and meet new people. She studied media communication, graphic design and photography in high school, having an interest for all things related to media. She first joined the Summit back in 2013 after having attended two workshops by Creative Force in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina on stop motion animation. 

Frida feels strongly about all of the Issues of the Summit, but the environmental one is always closest to her heart. She often speaks of the importance of choices, of the impact our consumption has on the world around us. Growing up on the countryside, her love for nature and animals comes natural to her. She strongly advocates for a more plant based diet, for the sake of the environment, the animals we share it with and our own physical health. Ask her about it - you just might learn a thing or two!

She plans to study Global Sustainable Development in the future, in order to change and improve the way we consume. "Consumption without destruction", she says.