A day in the life


The purpose of the project is to keep the IYMS delegates involved throughout the year with each other, with a simple project that won't take that much time, but will enable all of us to learn more about their country and culture.  We'll see our similarities, and our differences.

  • We are looking for delegates to connect with each other throughout the year
  • We suggest they can work as a team in their country, and also involve their family and friends.
  • They can find a partner in another country, or we can match them.

Each month for 10 months they'll get a prompt.  e.g., September will be "Food".

They will videotape and edit a 1 minute video on that topic in their country and post it to YouTube or Vimeo, not just documenting, but capturing the essence of life in their country, sharing the link of their 1 minute video with their partner, who can share it with friends, family.


At the end of the 10 months, we'll ask each country partner
to compile their videos into a 10 minute video
to post on the IYMS website.


Then, we will compile "The Best Of" moments from the videos
for a 15 minute presentation at IYMS 2018.